US Docs involved in $7M fraud scheme involving homeless patients of New York city.

There is recently a news in New York Times that Twenty-three people, including   nine physicians, have  been indicted  for their involvement in a $7 million  healthcare  fraud s cheme  that  involved  rounding up homeless people in New York City and subjecting them  to unnecessary medical  testing in exchange for shoes.

Eric Vainer and his mother oversaw  the operation. Mr. Vainer sent recruiters to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and welfare offices to pick up homeless people with valid Medicaid cards and take them  to medical clinics that were involved  in the scheme.  Prosecutors said there were multiple ways Mr. Vainer made money through   the scheme, as he owns medical clinics and  had  financial arrangements with physicians, according to the new in  New York Times.

“We can use the same patients like guinea pigs for  anything  we want,” Mr. Vainer was recorded  saying in a government wiretap, according to the report.m

Kenneth P. Thompson, the Brooklyn district attorney, told The New York Times the investigation began after a woman was recruited to one of the clinics involved in the scheme and was told she would  have to take a knee brace to get a pair of sneakers.

Physicians involved in the scheme allegedly billed Medicaid   for procedures that were never done and would  bill for much longer patient visits than had actually occurred, according to the report.

So it is highly unethical practice doing the docs and this is a malpractice and giving bad signals to others.


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