New advances in Arthroscopy surgery the use of Disposable Arthroscope

The biggest changes in orthopedic surgery   is use of disposable arthroscope thereby prevention of infection to a great extent.

Grady L. Jeter, MD, the founder of the Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine Clinic in San Jose, Calif., shares his thoughts on some of the most significant changes in the field of orthopedic surgery.

He told “I have seen many changes in orthopedic surgery since I began practicing in 1969, but the biggest change for me has been the development of arthroscopic surgery and its continuous advancements. In particular, the addition of a camera enabled the use of the scope by a large majority of orthopedic surgeons—rather than confining it to the ambidextrously gifted few”

More recently, the introduction of a disposable arthroscope eliminates infection risks and provides first-time quality for every procedure. Over time, arthroscopes get damaged and degraded in optical quality due to frequent use, handling, and reprocessing. A single-use arthroscope, like the nuvisTM from Integrated Endoscopy, provides surgeons with a brand new scope every time, eliminates the burden of reprocessing the scopes, and assures patients of a sterile scope free of the potential for infection transmission.

These advancements allow the surgeons  to utilize the most technically advanced surgical techniques, while providing the safest, most reliable and least intrusive methods possible to  their patients.


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